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Music Program

The music program includes, general music, modern band and orchestra.


The instrumental music program provides standards-based music instruction on violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone, starting with beginning classes, with the goal of creating a school orchestra at the school site. The primary task of music education is to train young people to know, love, and respond to music so that they are attuned to what is exemplar in music in general and to what is lastingly beautiful in their cultural heritage. It is important that students learn to appreciate, understand, and evaluate with discrimination the music which they hear or perform. Music should evoke strong affective responses, which are learnable, stimulating, and significant in challenging the learner and contributing to their continuing musical growth.

The instrumental music program at Knox Elementary School is run by Ms. Fukushima. It is open to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Students develop several skills and techniques including:

  • Perform scales by memory
  • Perform rudiments by memory
  • Perform instrument-specific builders
  • Sight read simple music literature
  • Demonstrate accurate intonation
  • Demonstrate creative expression through music
  • Demonstrate the ability to listen to, describe, analyze, perform, and evaluate ,music
Number of Students
Length of Class
Strings: Year 1
12-15 students
45-60 minutes
Strings: Year 2
15-18 students
45 minutes, plus ensemble time
Woodwind & Brass: Year 1
6-12 students
30-45 minutes
Woodwind & Brass: Year 2
10-18 students 
45 minutes, plus ensemble time