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Hi, my name is Amelyn Mendoza and I am the math instructional coach for Knox Elementary. I am passionate about math and I love to help teachers build their capacity in math instruction so that students achieve their best. I believe that math is not just about numbers, but about solving real-world problems. That's why I work in collaboration with teachers to provide the best math instruction for students.

When I’m in the classroom, I work alongside teachers to encourage students to use multiple strategies to explain math concepts to students, so that they can understand and apply them in their daily lives. I believe that math is not just a subject to be learned, but a tool to be used in everyday situations. A collaborative team effort between myself, teachers and students ensure students are making real-world connections, which helps them to see the relevance of math in their lives.

My approach to math planning and instruction is student-centered, which means that I focus on the needs and interests of the students. I encourage students to share their thinking and help them to develop their own strategies for solving problems. With my support, I hope teachers and students gain confidence in their math skills and become more engaged in the learning process.

Amelyn Mendoza
Math Instructional Coach
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